A atreamlined approach to handling complex process

Boost your contests to the next level with our contest management platform. Whether you're organizing an awards program, a competition, or an open call, our software is designed to simplify and optimize every step of the process."


Discover the benefits of our innovation management software:

Save time and resources

Our software simplifies the entire process of tender management, from launching to the selection of winners, which saves you saving valuable time and valuable resources.

Increase Participation

With an intuitive interface and a hassle-free registration process, you will attract more participants and increase participation in your competitions.

Make informed decisions

Gain valuable information on the performance of your your contests with real-time statistics and detailed analysis, allowing you to make informed decisions for future programmes.

Flexibility and adaptability

Our software can be adapts to any type of programme or competition, offering a complete and complete and customisable solution to meet your specific specific needs.

How does it work?

  1. Launch of the competition

    Create and customise your contest on our easy-to-use platform.

  2. Participants registration

    Customise the registration form to obtain additional relevant data to your contest.

  3. Track statistics in real time

    Gain valuable insight into the performance of your contest performance through real-time statistics. Go to track the progress of your contest and get a clear view of its success.

  4. Management of rounds and evaluators

    Organises and manages evaluation rounds efficiently. Assigns tasks to evaluators and establishes schedules for each round.

  5. Announcement of results

    Communicates results to participants in a clearly and timely manner. Download a results report and keep participants in a secure database for future calls.

Case studies

All-in-one platform to manage the whole process: Launch, registration, evaluation and selection of ideas.

  • Grants & Scholarships
  • Corporate co-innovation
  • Call for papers
  • Open Innovation challenges
  • Startup challenges and scouting

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