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Contestia is a platform for submission, evaluation and selection of applications. It allows to manage contests, events, recruitment and admission processes, among others use cases.

  • Contests

    Design and manage the workflows of your contest. Access to the participants and evaluators info. Everything using the same tool.

  • Recruitment

    Define rounds for your recruitment or admission process. Track the progress for the applicants and their evaluations at a glance.

  • Events

    Choose great speakers for your conference in an easy way, automating your Call for Papers processing. Offer to your attendees tools to send you feedback.

  • Other use cases

    If you have specific needs, please talk with us. Probably we could find a custom solution for you based on Contestia.

How it works?

  1. Embeddable Widget

    You can use the Contestia's Javascript widget to easily integrate the application form you have designed with Contestia into any website, without requiring programming skills. We can even host your form on your behalf.

  2. Workflow management

    Design the workflows and rounds the applications applications will move through. Assign specific groups of evaluators to each round, in order to assign each application to the right person.

  3. Filters, tags and auto-assignment

    You can configure filters to select which applications should move from one round into other following specific criteria. Besides, you can create custom tags for your project to configure more fine-grained filters. You can also automate the application assignment to evaluator groups. Once your workflows have been configured, let Contestia do the heavy work.

  4. Evaluation tools

    Our evaluation application allows your reviewers/evaluators to easily handle their work loads and access all the relevant information about each application. The evaluators can fulfill and review their assignments progressively, until they are finished and they can sent them to you.

  5. Select the right applications

    Once the evaluation process has finished, after the applications have moved through the rounds you defined, you will get the resulting applicants. Our tools will provide you with the big picture view but also detailed metrics, so you can track the whole process or each individual application.

How BBVA uses Contestia for the Open Talent challenge

BBVA's Open Innovation Center is using Contestia for gathering startup applications, managing groups of evaluators and everything related with the evaluation flows for the startups participating in the BBVA Open Talent challenges.

BBVA Open Talent is the world's biggest fintech startup competition. In 10 editions there have already been more than 6,000 participating startups from over 90 different countries.

"It has been very easy to follow the overall selection process for each participant along the whole challenge."

Marisol Menéndez - Global Head of Open Innovation en BBVA

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